Elasticool Waterproofing Material: 20kg Pail

by Kalekim

Waterproofing and Coating Material with Solar Reflectance

• Acrylic dispersion based, one component, liquid plastic coating and waterproofing material which is highly elastic, and saves energy by reflecting radial heat energy on surface of roofs.

Field of Application

• Waterproofing of the all types of flat or inclined roofs and terraces covered with concrete, plaster, asbestos cement, galvanized steel, zinc, aluminum, PVC, polyester or wood,
• Exterior waterproofing of buildings.
• Surfaces of stone, clinker, decorative coatings etc,
• Old bitumen, bituminous membrane or asphalt covered surfaces,
• On spray polyurethane foam,
• Waterproofing protecting and energy saving material.

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